Tenol Alpha sells compliance and communications software developed to strategically assist organizations to manage policies centred around people, process and technology issues.

Tenol Alpha sells automated policy management software and offers implementation, training and support services.

In the light of regulatory requirements that demand that some organizations must demonstrate compliance and objectively, that employees conform and comply with all policies, procedures, processes and objectives. of these requirements.

The software supports adherence to PCI DSS through:

  • Mitigation of risk - by ensuring staff who are involved in credit card processing understand, and agree to comply with security policies.
  • Reducing processing time - by enforcing electronic acceptance or decline of PCI policies at logon.
  • Reduction of errors - that might entail regulatory penalties.
  • Providing proof - by maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of policies, policy acceptance, and user training.
  • Reports that pinpoint potential areas of risk - by testing user understanding of PCI compliance rules, and related policies they have read.